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Wild One

I’ve been reading this wonderful book called “Where the Crawdads Sing”, by Delia Owens. Last night I came across a sentence that really stood out to me, “There are some who can live without wild things, and some who cannot.” How incredible it is to come across something so small with such a huge impact. Those brief moments in time you read a small sentence that explains all you are and for a quick moment you realise you’re not breathing…or is just me?

I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to explain the peace I get from writing, or how I feel seeing the sunrise coming over the mountainside, tears rolling down my face. Peace comes from understanding not all things come with an explanation, and also patience. So how do those of us who long to live and do that which what makes us our happiest work the nine to five, repeat this each day and still have the energy to pursue our dreams, goals, and enjoy our lives fully?

How many of us find this routine of monotony completely exhausting? Sure struggling isn’t appealing, but neither is living paycheck to paycheck. I could be wrong, but isn’t the reason you don’t do it, the same reason you want to? Certainty comes with income, income pays the bills. Certainty is also comfortable, so comfortable that nothing ever changes.

I learned at an early age, just how important it is to follow that voice inside, the one who reminds you to be who you are. What if you are wild though? And by wild I mean, not conforming to the norm. What if that voice inside screams everyday to be on a path completely opposite of the one you are currently on? What’s so wrong with that? Nothing…absolutely nothing!

If your happiness comes from working a few odd jobs but you truly enjoy what you’re doing, continue on. If your happiness comes from completely uprooting your life and beginning somewhere new, then so be it. If your happiness comes from hiking a new trail each weekend, have at it! Find “IT” whatever it is, find it and roll with it. Life is going to happen regardless, days will pass regardless.

I will remain true, I will remain Wild!

The Wandering Soul Writer

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