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Where Has The Time Gone?

Once upon a time in a faraway land, people made eye contact during a conversation…the end. I’m kidding, this is only just the beginning. Do you ever find yourself in a room, filling someone in on the hardest part of your day? Sharing a hugely exciting moment in your life or a work-related topic and they just say uh-huh and stare at their phone scrolling like a zombie? I have definitely found myself in these situations. I just say am I bothering you right now (after already having placed myself in a comfortable seat and started talking about something that held interest to the other person) or I’ll come back when you aren’t so busy on your phone, how could you not be annoyed at someone staring at their phone instead of being involved in the conversation. But truthfully I don’t come back and the next time I have something to share, I no longer go back to that person to share my news.

Is it really that hard to give someone your undivided attention these days? I will say, I have been guilty of this, especially in my profession. At times there are so many responsibilities, obligations and decisions to be made that while doing my job I have to respond to work emails, text messages and calls so while trying to focus on the task at hand, I am distracted by the chaos of technology. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for a cell phone and the ability to contact someone while out on the road, however, it is a huge distraction.

How many times have you been at a family function, special occasion or just hanging out with family or friends and they want to take a picture to capture the moment? But instead of actually enjoying the moment, time flys by as they edit and update to social media, and don’t forget about tagging where you are, the people in the picture and of course typing a description of what you are doing in the caption above the photo. How much of life is wasted just to ensure people you probably don’t even like or know can see exactly what you are doing at that moment, just curious? I’m not against sharing, I share this wonderful blog here and the poetry I love to write as well as memorable moments with those close to me on Instagram, occasionally. This world is all about sharing these days, what happened to letters, developing pictures and calling someone on the phone?

I have made the decision to rid myself of facebook as I haven’t scrolled in well over two years and do not see the point in having it any longer. I’m a pretty private person, thus the reason social media does not appeal to me. I have however created a Facebook writer’s page so I can continue to share my blog and poetry with the people that I yes, do know personally and will be forever grateful to them for reading my work. You see, there are good points to sharing and social media, without it, how would you be reading this blog?

What I cannot fathom is the endless amount of time wasted scrolling on social media sites. What did we do before social media? Is Google helpful? Absolutely! But think about it, how much time do you spend day in and day out checking a notification that pops up on your phone because someone or something you follow just posted an update or status? Why do we as a human race feel required to click on that update and take a look? What are we lacking to feel the need to be entertained by whatever that post has to show or say? How boring is life if in your free time you spend it checking social media notifications or scrolling?

Think about it, when you are bored you pick up your phone to see what you’ve missed. Is that living? Just how much potential is being wasted looking at a phone? What happens when you devote those ten minutes or an hour of free time to a hobby or new strategy for creating a better life or even getting to know yourself a little better? Has the human race become so uncomfortable with themselves that they can’t just sit in their own space, uninterrupted without logging in? I thought “Where Has the Time Gone” would be a fitting title for this blog, as I hope that it makes you think. Where has your time gone? Life is short, as we all know. What will you remember? The moments you spent living, growing, seeing and appreciating this life, or all of the status updates?

Thank you for reading,

The Wandering Soul Writer

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  1. Jamie Calhoun Jamie Calhoun

    Such excellent questions! i think we are afraid of ourselves, actually. Great post!

    • danismiles danismiles

      I believe you are right! Thank you, Jamie!

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