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What Never Was

Below, is the poem I wrote inspired by "Mrs. Dalloway" written by Virginia Woolf.
This was my own personal take on the book and what I felt she longed for,
the life she longed for.

As I walk the streets of Westminster,
Many of faces I see.
As I walk the streets of Westminster,
How many really see me?
Ideas fade to thoughts,
Thoughts fade to wishes.

Dreaming each day of the sun on my face,
Thinking to myself, how many memories I could replace.
I imagined a life without you,
Far too great a thought.
I imagined a life without you,
For it is I, that you have caught.

Making my presence known,
For you I wish I could do.
What a lovely thought,
Envisioning us under the moon.
My life looks ideal,
To those on the outside.
If only they knew,
How it feels on the inside.

Moments of joy shared between two,
What a shame,
You don't see them as I do.
I never knew life until the moments I spent with you,
Can we go back to who we were?
Or am I alone in this too?

My journey is one of excitement,
Others wish to be.
The woman I portray,
The woman I wish to be.
This might not ever reach you,
You might not wish to be found.
But I hope in the end it will teach you,
A lesson learned through sound.

A heart beat reacts to the kindness in a voice,
Maybe it was for me,
That I was unable to make that choice.

The life I dreamt of living,
Will be one of my last.
It's amazing how the heart does,
To feel, what never was.

Thank you for reading!

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