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I don’t know about you, but these days I have been feeling very claustrophobic. I have never been a person who does well with people telling me what to do, and, this…feels very much like someone telling me what to do. The weird thing about this though is that I am a homebody at heart. If I’m not out in the wilderness, exploring or going on an adventure, I prefer to be at home. I like fires in my backyard and if I do hang out with friends or family, it’s in their homes or mine. So why does this bother me so much?

I am grateful for this time at home though, I recently suffered a great loss within my family. I lost my beautiful boy, Bruno. For those of you who don’t know, I have had Bella and Bruno for almost twelve years. They are my yin and yang, my salt and pepper. They went together like peanut butter and jelly. Everything they did, they did it together. Bruno suddenly stopped eating and his stomach began swelling. I’m not going to go into detail here, but long story short, I lost my boy very unexpectedly. It was a devastating loss for me, Bella, my mom (his grandma) and those very close to us. I was in complete denial for about four days and I did not speak or acknowledge anyone or the situation for about three weeks. I relish being a dog mom, I know for a fact it is something I was meant to be.

One month and two days later, I decided it was time to adopt. Bella had always had a partner in crime. I knew if I was going to do this, it was going to be Bella’s decision, not mine. So Bella, me and my mom went to an animal shelter. We weren’t allowed to go in (COVID-19) so they brought the fur babies out to us. Bella did not want anything to do with the first two they brought out and wouldn’t even acknowledge them. Then, they brought out Rebel. It only took a matter of minutes before Bella was wagging her tail, and inching her way towards him. I instantly fell in love, so did Bella. I’m very happy to say after much communication, phone calls and detective work (due to his health), I have officially adopted Rebel. He is a black and white Border Collie mix, four years old and full of life and love. We couldn’t be happier having him in our family.

It is hard when this pandemic hits home personally. I can’t even imagine what those out in the world are going through. There are a few people I know personally who have been affected by this, either themselves or those close to them. I am truly sorry for those who have felt the pain of loss or know someone who has tested positive and is awaiting their 14-day quarantine outcome. I can’t begin to know what you are going through or how you feel.

We are all adjusting to this new way of life, however strange it may be. From the bad, there can come some good. Had I not had this time working from home, I would not have had the time to be home with my fur kids and be able to help Rebel get acquainted and comfortable. I hope everyone is finding their new normal, finding ways to connect and remain close to those they love. I hope this time can help those who have lost that personal connection to people, who have struggled with getting lost in their phones and scrolling have taken advantage of the time and learned ways to re-connect and get back to the fundamentals of human closeness and interaction.

I hope that those reading this have found ways to occupy their time, healthy new habits, new routines, and have given some thought to reconstruct their dreams. Dreams are never a waste, and with dedication, can come to life. Please take advantage of this time and dream. Bring to life ideas that you have had on the back burner for months or years. There is no better time than the present. Think, refocus, create…and make it happen!

Thank you for reading!

The Wandering Soul Writer

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