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Don’t Be Afraid To Own It

What’s your style? What’s your niche? Do you rock it proudly or try to fit in? I apologize for taking a while to write this, I have been writing down ideas for weeks. Thinking relentlessly, my thoughts scrambled on the pages. Are you saying and doing what you feel you have to, to join in the crowd or are you holding tight to what makes you, you?

I’ll break the ice for us, in case your hesitant. I personally rock me all day, every day. Do other people’s opinions affect my everyday living? No, they absolutely do not. Do they cause me hurt feelings or the occasional deep breath from time to time? Yes, absolutely. The choice is yours really, do you allow it to affect your day to day living or do you choose to take it with a grain of salt? Others opinions aren’t really any of your business, truth be told. Especially if they are negative or unsupportive of your dreams and goals. Regardless of who they are from. Yes, they are about you. However, do they matter?

Good question, do they? Let me take a step back. If they are from your editor, boss or supervisor, then yes they definitely matter. If they come from other outside sources though, they really don’t. I hope that I can convey this to you enough, that other people’s opinions of you do not matter and are not your business. The reason I say this is due to, well to you! Family, friends or anyone else who feels they know you well enough to put their two cents in, listen, take it for what it is, an opinion and only that and continue doing what you’re doing, ( As long as it is safe). Let me say here, there is a difference between constructive criticism and opinions. Aside from those you care about, take that for what it is also.

The fuel behind this blog really is due to this feeling like I have to fit in. But do I really though? I am an old soul, those who know me will happily agree. My nephew (who is 11, nearing 12) recently referred to me as a “hippie” at lunch one day. When I asked him what made me a “hippie”? He said it was because I did not own a microwave or toaster and I had all kinds of “hippie” things in my house. I laughed of course, but then it occurred to me, that’s what “today’s” generation sees.

As I’ve said before, I own who I am every single day. As a person who is not really into social media, I have dappled with the idea of getting rid of Facebook. I will admit (those close to me already know this, (sorry, not really) I have not scrolled on facebook in about two years). Truthfully, living this precious life of mine and taking advantage of every moment and seeing it for what it truly is has overrun any urgency to scroll. I originally created a “FB” page to locate a family that I had always known about, but they did not know about me (another story for another day) back in 2012. My page has been my writing, “other people’s tags” or monumental moments, which I am grateful for, of course.

When I presented this lack of love for social media to my love, he, who has currently rid himself of social media, suggested turning my “FB” page into a writer’s page. I thought, how lovely, yes, yes I will turn my FB page into an authors page. When talking to close friends of this, I received support as well as, “no, you can’t, how will I tag you in memes?” Of course, these friends support me regardless, but really who am I keeping “FB” for? “Most” people, family included having smartphones who are able to send pictures via texts or emails are capable of sharing memorable moments, are they not?

Yes, I have an Instagram page, but again, meant for memorable moments, my poetry and writing. I do not have a “twitter” or “snapchat” or anything else out there that exists. I am soon to be 35, do you know how hard it is to live in a world that wants “needs” you to see social media first? I can relate and respect wholeheartedly to my dear friends who are wise within their own right, that have chosen the “unsocial media” path.

My question is this, what do we do? Those of us who aren’t “into social media?” Where do we go? Where do we post our work? I will say, thankfully I have a blog and website that allows me to vocalize how I feel whenever I please. But if it wasn’t for my blog, where would I go?

If we can’t say what we feel, what do we have? I am not writing this blog about “anti-social media”, I am writing this blog for those of us who are “old school”, or “old fashioned”, those who do not feel the need to post updates every day and enjoy seeing life in person. How do those of us, living in a world unlike today’s exist and get out there?

Write, feel, live and exist! No matter what, be you!

Thank you for reading, Dani

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