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Adventure awaits

After taking a deep breath, Mrs. Mallard opened the door to her sister’s welcoming arms. As they went down the stairs, Louise looked in awe of the new life that awaited right in front of her. Although she felt saddened by the death of her husband, the life they lived was not one of love or adventure as she longed for. The funeral was full of friends and family giving their regards and sympathies, as Mr. Mallard was laid in the ground, she began to to cry. Cry for the man she wished he was, cry for the man he was and cry for the years with him that were lost.

Weeks after the funeral, Louise and her sister Josephine took a trip to the south. They saw many splendid places and experienced the finest foods. ” Louise, are you ready to get back home and put your life back together? Louise, you do realize you’re going to have to find a new husband, someone to care for you, look out for you? Of course you won’t be able to take care of yourself, not with your heart trouble”. Louise pondered a moment, thinking about what it would feel like going back to a life where everyone controlled her every move, where every moment was planned out and all hope for adventure was lost.

“Josephine, I’m afraid I’m not going to return home with you”. Josephine gasped and said “of course you have to return with me, don’t be so foolish, you can’t make it out here on your own”. Louise asked her sister kindly to please understand that this was something she just had to do. She knew it seemed to be an impossible thought at the time, but she was determined to find what she so desperately needed. As she walked Josephine to the train station, she held her sister tight and asked to please believe in her. Josephine reminded Louise that she could always come home if she needed to, please write and seek out a doctor for her heart condition right away. As they parted ways, Louise felt free to do as she pleased for the first time.

Louise purchased a lovely country home with a few acres of land with the money she received from her husband’s passing. Louise soon added chickens, goats and a few cows. Becoming more accustomed to her lifestyle out in the country, she built a wonderful garden of vegetables and herbs. Louise began selling her produce and was eventually able to buy a bull to bred her cows.

After a long day’s work, Louise sat on her porch in her rocking chair and admired all that she had accomplished. She was content, her heart filled with love, for she was finally living the life she had always wanted. Louise wrote her sister weekly and Josephine couldn’t be happier for her sister’s success but always reminding her that she could come home whenever she needed to. Josephine wrote and said she’d love to come for a visit. The sisters worked out a date and Josephine made the trip the following year for Christmas.

Years down the road, a butcher who had admired Louise from afar asked her one day if he could court her? She was happy to say yes. For she had also admired this man. Months and many dates later, they became wife and husband. Together they worked the farm, while maintaining the butcher shop. Every night they shared their dinner, he held her hand as they took walks and he kissed her every morning when they awoke. Louise finally knew the love she had always longed for and it was not of imagination. She had true happiness.

This short story was inspired by “A Story of an Hour” written by Kate Chopin. Again, this is my own personal ending to the story. The one I felt Mrs. Mallard was desperate for. It makes my heart happy to write a beautiful ending.

Thank you for reading!

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